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be5b0c32 sct issue 3.423 SCT to realmankwon
b064b2a7 minnowsupport issue 4.565 PAL to minnowsupport
b064b2a7 minnowsupport stake 2.282 PAL to organduo.pal
b064b2a7 minnowsupport transfer 2.282 PAL to organduo.pal Here are your claimed tokens! (2.283000 more PAL were added to PAL POWER)
0e13358d vgholdingsllc stake 0.00795379 MARLIANS to vgholdingsllc
563a2586 emergehealthier stake 0.02 LEO to emergehealthier
e4221ccb surpassinggoogle issue 0.00400381 MARLIANS to organduo.marlian
346a9418 neoxian issue 128.97125163 NEOXAG to neoxian
346a9418 neoxian stake 64.48562581 NEOXAG to organduo.neoxag
346a9418 neoxian transfer 64.48562581 NEOXAG to organduo.neoxag Here are your claimed tokens! (64.485626 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER)
5fbd9779 eddiespino stake 0.10 GG to eddiespino
b6bd770a steemdapps sell 8.013 PAL for 0.25001 STEEMP on the market
c53473b7 khaleelkazi issue 9.744 LEO to organduo.leo
918eceab steem-peg transfer 0.014 STEEM as fees to @steemsc
13059ee6 sportstalksocial issue 0.007 SPORTS to organduo
44a21582 zzan issue 0.00114 ZZAN to organduo

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