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d67c3589 jurajimmy transfer 1.82737 ZZAN to axeman
853f892b neoxian issue 0.23319952 NEOXAG to neoxian
853f892b neoxian stake 0.11659976 NEOXAG to zaku-spt
853f892b neoxian transfer 0.11659976 NEOXAG to zaku-spt Here are your claimed tokens! (0.116600 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER)
8ae002ea hipnos sell 81.217 CCC for 0.03903 STEEMP on the market
28fee407 splinterlands issue 101.633685 SPT to zaku-spt
c5a7aba5 steem-ace issue 0.40 GG to steem-ace
c5a7aba5 steem-ace stake 0.20 GG to zaku-spt
c5a7aba5 steem-ace transfer 0.20 GG to zaku-spt Here are your claimed tokens! (0.205000 more GG were added to GG POWER)
1efae1c5 curator transfer 9 CAPTCHA to bdhakal
bb9fdf47 steemmonsters issue 1 ORB to steemmonsters
7b89e5c5 sportstalksocial issue 535.755 SPORTS to steemjetevents
f2680e40 battlegames issue 3 BATTLE to battlegames
f2680e40 battlegames stake 1 BATTLE to zaku-spt
f2680e40 battlegames transfer 1 BATTLE to zaku-spt Here are your claimed tokens! (1.800000 more BATTLE were added to BATTLE POWER)
3bc880ab weedcash stake 0.11349999 WEED to oyx
3bc880ab weedcash transfer 0.11350000 WEED to oyx Here are your claimed tokens! (0.113500 more WEED were added to WEED POWER)

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